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Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest state of India is spread over an area of 275,068 sq. km. It is situated on the Deccan plateau, the state is bordered by Tamil Nadu on the south, Karnataka on the west, Maharashtra on the north and northwest, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa on the northeast, and the Bay of Bengal on the east. This place is known for its glorious past. The ancient monuments, temples, forts, palaces, old markets are the testimony to its rich history, culture, and architecture. There are many holy pilgrimage shrines in Andhra Pradesh of which Tirumala and Puttaparthi are visited by millions of devotees from all across the world.

Andhra Pradesh is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty. Surrounded by misty hills, dense forests, undulating mountains, silvery cascades, and shimmering rivers, Andhra Pradesh is home to many famous hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and, virgin beaches. There are beautiful valleys, dams, hills, and ridges with the scenic dale, tranquil lake waters, swirling beach waves, meadows, resorts, hill stations, caves, virgin forests, sanctuaries and national parks which a visitor can enjoy to his heart’s content.

Lambasingi :


Lambasingi is the one and only place in the southern region that sees snowfall. Settle at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, this misty hill station in Visakhapatnam’s Chintapalli town is also fondly known as the ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’. Throughout the year, the tiny village is covered with a delicate white mist that swirls and moves with the wind, but in the winter (from November to January), the temperature in Lambasingi goes as low as zero degree Celsius, with bouts of snowfall intermittently.

It is the only place in the southern region that sees snow. It is also home to an isolated tribal community that works at the pepper and coffee plantations. In Lambasingi, the reservoir with hills in the background and the light flowing water provides a beautiful setup for photographers. Not only in winter but throughout the year, the temperatures stay below 10°C. Interestingly, all places just 2 km away from Lambasingi have temperatures as normal as a typical place in Southern India is supposed to have.

Ananthagiri :


Starting your the day with the organic coffee from the nearby plantation then is one of the ways tourists can think of beginning their vacation to this hill resort. The season is mainly from October to February and not to say accommodations being very less are not easily available during these times so pre-booking is a norm for a holiday to be comfortably spent in this hill resort.

The lush green jungle, the small reservoir, the jungle trail are all an added attraction to this place covered by thick vegetation, small rivulets and beautiful streams with fresh water. It is an all-time destination as it offers pleasant weather round the year. The best and correct time to visit Anantagiri Hills is during the monsoon season.

This hill station comes to life with lush greenery and cascading waterfalls adding more charm.  In the morning, enthralling coffee plantations make entire hill appear washed in shades of light and dark green. The awe-inspiring sight is merged with the mists and cloud hanging over the valley, as the ascent nears to this hill town of Telangana.

Nagari Hills :


The feigning of the Nagari Hill is set at a height of 855m over the sea level. That place is generally called Nagari Murkonda. Arranged on the riverbank of Kusasthali, Chittoor, Nagari Town is an outstanding excursion spot for Andhra Pradesh. The area which lies on the northern side of the Nagari Town is known as the Nagari Hills.

The key interest of the slants is the towering and the mellowest point which is generally called the Nagari Nose because of its resemblance to a human nose.  Temperatures reach out between 20 °C and 27 °C in the midst of the winter season. December is by and large the coolest month of the year. Nagari town is masterminded on the northern bank of the stream Kusasthali in Chittoor range Andhra Pradesh.

Nallamala Hills :


Nallamala the range of parallel hills and valleys of the Eastern Ghats in eastern Andhra Pradesh state, southern India. This hill is situated in the south of the Krishna River, the hills run north to south, parallel to the Coromandel Coast on the Bay of Bengal. The Nallamala hill total length is about 265 miles (430 km); the northern boundary is in the Palnad Basin, and the southern boundary is in the Tirupati Hills.

The Nallamala Range rises to an average elevation of 2,900 to 3,600 feet (900 to 1,100 meters) and approximately 19 miles (31 km) wide. The sparsely, rugged populated hills are composed for the most part of jumbled quartzites and slates and exemplify the mountain scenery of the Eastern Ghats.


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