Top 5 Fabulous Coldest places in Europe You Must See

Europe is a famous travel destination are some of the best in the world. There is a common rule to abide in Europe tourism: let all your heart be the guide instead of a Europe travel guide. The cultural nature of Europe is a fine example that full potential of human faculties transcends beyond geographic or linguistic bounds.

Europe is more than just another destination; it’s a temptation that ardent traveler can ignore. Make your Europe holidays special with this detailed travel guide below: Tourism in Europe is a thriving industry with nearly 500 million travelers visiting Europe travel destinations every year. Central Europe Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, and Poland is famous for plenty of historical towns, thriving nightlife, and fairy-tale countryside. A popular inclusion in any France,  European tour, is the most visited country in the world.

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It is renowned for gastronomy, culture, and fashion. From the French Riviera to ski resorts in the French Alps, France is unrivaled in beauty and glamour. One of the best holiday destinations in Europe, London is a vibrant global city with several historical and modern landmarks. Included in most the Alps mountain range, Europe tour guides is visited by millions every year for skiing, mountaineering, and backpacking opportunities. Alpine skiing destinations in Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia, and Switzerland find their place in a Europe travel guide.

Switzerland :


Switzerland is fully covered with forests, lakes, and mountains. Zurich is one of the largest in the country, and also the global center for banking and finance. It covers and attracts tourists with its art galleries, the bounty of museums, boating and hiking opportunities. Lucerne is famous prettiest cities that boast 14th-century Chapel Bridge and Water Tower whereas Geneva is known for its fine trimmed parks.

Adventure aspirant often visits the towns of Lausanne and Zermatt in the country for they are famous for challenging hikes and steep ski slopes. Mount Titlis is located at the 10,000 feet loftiest mountain in the country, the peaks of which can be closely seen through a cable-car ride. It is known for its clocks,  mountains, chocolate, cheese, and political neutrality, Switzerland’s picturesque alps is a storybook place to visit. Switzerland has some unique features to it, like the fact that it has three national languages. In the region of Switzerland, tourists will find French, Italian, and German being spoken.

Sweden :


The blond country of Sweden is a rich cultural destination with breathtaking scenery. Peaceful and Progressive, Sweden’s long history provides plenty of incredible landmarks, architecture, and museums. Most tourists who come to Sweden start their trip to Stockholm, the country’s largest city and its capital.

None of the question that Stockholm’s attractions are world class, but don’t forget to explore the other amazing spots throughout the country. The most popular destinations for Swedes is Liseberg in Gothenburg both during summer and winter season – especially during Christmas where Gothenburg shines in a special light because of the more than 5 million lights decorating the park.

Iceland :


The distance between Iceland and continental Europe is shorter than the distance with mainland North America. However, the island of Greenland, which is considered a North American island, is the closest to Iceland with the distance between the two being 180 miles.

Going by this geographical positioning, it would be easy to conclude that Iceland is a part of North America. The climate of Iceland is maritime subarctic. It is impacted by the location of the country on the broad boundary between two contrasting air currents, one of polar and the other of tropical origin. The weather is affected also by the confluence of two ocean currents: the Gulf Stream, from near the Equator, and the East Greenland Current. The latter sometimes carries Arctic drift ice to Iceland’s northern and eastern shores.

Norway :


Norway is a very modern country with plenty of well-organized tours and transport services, an abundance of space and long distances makes it ideal for the self-reliant traveller. Tourists willing to invest the extra effort and venture into the unknown will be rewarded.

Norway’s restaurants are expensive, particularly for foreign visitors. Supermarkets offer good products for more reasonable prices. Low price supermarkets such as Kiwi, Rema, and Prix can be found most places. Many places also have bakeries that offer freshly baked bread, cakes, salty pastries, and sandwiches usually more value for money than at restaurants.

Finland :


Finland has a cold climate. It is actually comparatively mild for the latitude because of the moderating influence of the Gulf Stream. The Finland landscape is a pristine paradise for nature lovers. With the midnight sun in the summer and the ephemeral allure of the Northern Lights in the winter, Finland possesses a wealth of rare beauty, a truly distinctive ambiance.

Now, modern Finland combines the natural gifts bestowed upon the land with modern technologies allowing it to be easily discovered. Most of the idealist destination for travelers looking for something different, the rewards for Discovering Finland are endless. Explore our site and find out the best things to do when you visit Finland.

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