Seclusion Coldest places in Maharashtra You Must Visit On March

Maharashtra is the place of everything unlimited invites you into its widespread plethora of attractions. The second most famous state sits majestically right next to the heart of India. Enhanced by the beautiful Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats with high mountains that disappear in the morning mist, while the sprawling belt of the Konkan Coast mesmerises by its white beaches.

The disintegration of the ancient forts and palaces in Pune and Ratnagiri among others proudly narrates the story of the then mighty rulers of Maharashtra. Many old temples situated in places like Pandharpur, Ozar are still rooted in their traditions, offering sanctuary to pilgrims.

Hill stations of Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Matheran, nestled cosily in nature, provide respite to travellers from the hustle and bustle of the cities.  Apart from being rich in history, traditional arts and culture, it is also famous for its economy primarily because of Mumbai.

Lavasa City :

Lavasa City

Lavasa city is situated in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and manages to charm one with its mesmerising views. It is located in Mose Valley near Pune at a distance of 65 Km, about an hour drive, and from Mumbai, it is approximately 200 Km away. Spread around 25,000 acres of land, it covers 65Km of lakefront that gives the whole city a mesmerising look.

The different places to visit in Lavasa, spellbind all the visitors with its charisma. It is being situated in the Western Ghats of Pune; Lavasa makes a perfect tourist destination, because of its enchanting panorama. The  Lavasa speciality is that it is a very well planned city that caters to every requirement and luxury of its visitors. There is a stunning beautiful scenery that adds to the beauty of Lavasa.

Apart from its natural places that allure a large number of tourists every year, Lavasa is also a centre for all the adrenaline junkies. It proffers a plethora of activities for all those who are seeking some thrill in life. Mountaineering, Camping, Trekking, and especially the water sports in the Warasgaon Lake are some are some heart throbbing attractions.

Matheran :

Coldest places in Maharashtra

Just around 100 km away from Maharashtra lies Matheran, an eco-sensitive hill station that has the distinction of being the only hill station in Asia that is free of cars or other vehicles. The lack of cars makes Matheran a very unique place to visit. The air around the hill station is clear and fresh, and horses are typically used to travel around.

Matheran is also the smallest hill station in India and offers deeply forested trails to trek through, viewpoints that open out to the majestic hills of the Western Ghats, and a calm and quaint charm not seen in any other hill station. Afternoons are when temperatures hit its highest, which should be around 31-36°C in April 2017. Nights are cooler at 16-25°C, which should be a welcome relief from the heat of the cities.

Panhala Fort :

Panhala Fort

The smallest city of Maharashtra, Panhala is also a historically significant city because of its association with the legendary Maratha emperor Shivaji. Panhala Fort is the obvious draw here for history buffs, but the hill station also has a number of ancient fortifications and its remnants, old buildings and, of course, a commanding view from an elevation of around 3,100 feet above sea level.

The fort itself rises around 400 metres above the plains above which it is built, with several important monuments within and tunnels that crawl underneath. The Parashar Caves are even older, giving a glimpse into a much more ancient chapter of Indian history. Temperatures can range between 13-26°C in April, making it amongst the coolest places in Maharashtra during the summers.

Khandala :


Khandala is a famous destination around Mumbai; because it is closely located to Lonavala. The magnificent and magical waterfalls, beautiful valleys, lush filled greenery and picturesque ponds surprise visitors with its beautiful scenery. A huge number of people flock this place during the rainy season to relish the amazing climate along with splendid views and charming green surroundings.

It is the best destination that suits budget travellers particularly. The best lovely place fascinates the tourists with its splendid allure. The correct time to visit Khandala is between October and April though one can pay a visit to Khandala at any time of the year. The nearest railway station to reach Khandala is situated at Lonavala.

Korali Hill Station :

Korali Hill Station

The korali hill station is located in Nasik. Find the best and correct time to visit, how to reach, things to do, temperature detail for the weekend trip. This place is one of the many unknown hill stations in Maharashtra that is both a pleasure to the eyes and a delight to the soul.

Supremely beautiful as it is, It’s scenic beauty is sure to drive you crazy and make you wonder in delight. This place is unknown to many, this place is comparatively less visited by tourists and is a perfect place for a weekend getaway or for that matter a slightly longer holiday. Extremely easy to reach and surprisingly pocket-friendly, Karoli is an ideal place in all respect. The trivial beauty of the place will have you booked to it.

Murud Janjira Fort :

Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira Fort is a powerful fortification organised on an island off of the seaside village of Murud in Maharashtra. Towering up from a heavy rock amidst the stretching azure of the Arabian Sea, this fort has reached the test of time as well as the analysis of resilience in the past.

The mighty fortress reaches against the sands of a modest beach, also the gentle palms bending in the breeze exude the most comfortable vibes. Attaining against the backdrop of the glistening sea and charming blue skies, this address is awe inspiring. This fort is a must visit if you are visiting forward the Konkan coast in Maharashtra.

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