Coolest places in Tamil Nadu

When it comes to the temperature of the Indian subcontinent, it has always been associated with high numbers. Even though there are few places here and there is widespread land that has a pleasant temperature, the predominant land is known for its high temperature. Especially in the south there are some places that are considered to be cool. These places are the first choices to hit during the summer vacation. When stepping foot in these kinds of places, sightseeing is also secondary, the atmospheric temperature is the one that we are very fond of. In this article, we will see in detail about some of the coolest places in Tamil Nadu.


If you are thinking about cool places in Tamil Nadu, there are no second thoughts about the fact that Ooty will be the first choice. In the recent years and a lot of other options might have come. But Ooty was literally ruling the tourism sector not just in Tamil Nadu, but also the entire South India. Be it a family vacation or a honeymoon, Ooty will always be the one to clinch the top spot. It is not just about the weather, there are also entities that make it the perfect choice of a vacation.


Kodaikanal – The Queen of Hills is a paradise on earth. It would not be an exaggeration to say that most of the dreamy songs were shot in this place. It is one of the most preferred destinations for people who are going for a honeymoon. The total height is about 2133 meters high and hence it is considered to be the second-highest peak in the state of Tamil Nadu. There are a lot of hotels, restaurants and all the other required entities to position itself as one of the best tourist spots in the country.


The exotic location of Coonoor is known for it is whether temperature and lush greenery. There are a lot of tea estates that adds a bit of awesomeness to the place. From the time the Britishers ruled the place, Coonoor has been one of their favorite destinations. The building with the victorian charm is the evidence for that. The green hills, the mystical forests, the widespread tea estates, and the coffee estates are an absolute bliss to be around. These are the kind of things that you cannot afford to miss.


Even though Kotagiri is one of the well-known papers it is still underexplored. If you are someone who doesn’t love much crowd, Kotagiri is one of those places in Tamil Nadu where you will find a bit of loneliness. The ideal destination for a perfect getaway. The total height of Katagiri Hills is 1985 meters. There are a lot of amazing entities that make Kotagiri a beautiful place. It is may be because of the fewer visitors the place has not yet been commercialized. The natural beauty is somehow retained in various aspects.


Yearcud is the kind of place that lets you know how beautiful god’s creation can be. The abundance of nature in this place is very evident. Any direction that you turn you will definitely spot greenery. One of the interesting aspects of Yearcud is that it is known for its Orchids. It is said that there are more than a hundred varieties of orchids in this place. There are some amazing spots where you can go for a trek and also set up a camp. There are many viewpoints in Yercaud. The view from the top is any mountain is an absolute treat to the eyes.

Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri the famous hill station in Tamil Nadu is a very unique place when compared to the rest of the hill stations. The first thing that would hit the minds of people when they think about Yelagiri is the fourteen hairpin bends. Most the p[redominant population it is scary and for some people, especially the youngsters it is adventurous. If you are ever planning to take a trip to Yelagiri make sure that you drive by yourself and make the most out of it. The drive from the bottom to the top itself is an experience of a lifetime.


Valparai is a place that is surrounded by many forests. It is without a doubt the most spectacular hill station of the state of Tamil Nadu. All of these forests are evergreen forests. The Valparai hills are filled with the richness of nature. There is a lot of flora fauna. The place is also the home for many endangered species. The total height of the hill is about 1500 meters. The unpopulated fresh air, the lush greenery and all of its natural aspects bring in all the awesomeness in the world. There are some trekking spots and other places that you visit.

Kolli Hills

There are good possibilities that the predominant population might have not known about it Kolli Hills. Kolli Hills is one of the under-explored places in Tamil Nadu that has a lot to offer. There is a lot more than just the green mountains and awesome weather. The place has a lot to offer. The total altitude of the Kolli Hills is about 1300 meters. One of the most astonishing facts about Kolli Hills is that to reach the top you need to cross 70 hairpin bends.

Velliangiri Hills

Velliangiri Hills, is one of the well-known hills in the Western Ghats. The total height of the hill is about 2438 meters. It is very close to Coimbatore. So you can also explore this beautiful place and keep as a part of your entire plan. There is also an ancient Shiva Temple which you cannot afford to miss. 

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