Interesting facts about Himalayas

India has always been invaded Ada from the West or from the Far East and never from the north or the South Point while the South was primarily because of the presence of three Mighty water bodies, the Bay of Bengal Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, the natural barrier in the north is only because of the Himalayan mountain ranges. If at all someone came to India from the north, it is only because of the Khyber and Bolan. You can know interesting facts about Himalayas.

Such is the awesomeness of the Himalayan mountain ranges. Stretching right from Arunachal Pradesh in the east through the border of India into Bhutan and Nepal and China, and event taking a peek into Pakistan, literally, Himalayas is one of the mightiest mountain ranges in the world. It is the tallest mountain range without any question and one of the longest only to be pushed to the second place by the Andes in South America. The Himalayas are considered to be divine, special and awesome in many respects. Let us look at a few interesting facts about this mountain range.

It is a result of Continental movement

There was a time when the entire subcontinent of India was considered to be a separate continent. A lot of people referred to as the Pangea or the Gondwana land. The Tamils prefer to this continent as the Kumari Kandam. However, about 100 million years ago, the Indian continent or the Indian Plate started moving towards The Eurasian plate which had the countries like Kazakhstan and the rest of the Soviet Union, Europe included. When the Indian land mask collided With The Eurasian Landmark, the border resulted in the forming of Huge mountains called the fold mountains, which we know as the Himalayas today. If not for the Himalayas, India would have been a separate continent altogether!

It is the youngest mountain range in the world

Well, the Himalayas is 70 million years old. However, considering the age of other mountains, Himalayas is the youngest mountain range in the world. While other mountains have been formed because of volcanic activity or the piling up of rocks from random places which are considered to be more ancient, the Himalayas formed because of Continental movement which is considered to be more recent. This makes the Himalayas a great place for people to study geology and the place to explore the differences between The Eurasian landmass and the Indian landmass before the continental drift happened.

The most divine mountain range in the world

The Himalayas is beyond question, one of the most divine mountain ranges in the world. The whole of Himalayas is scattered with a lot of temples that are dedicated to a lot of different sheets including but not limited to Hinduism Buddhism Jainism and even Christianity. The Mount Kailash, which is a little over 6000 meters in height, is considered to be the Abode of Lord Shiva. This is best proved by the fact that many of the taller mountains and even the Mount Everest was scaled by human beings more than 70 years ago but no one was able to reach the top of Mount Kailash. There is something inexplicable about the Himalayas that gives a sense of peace as no other place can ever give! This is probably the reason why geniuses like Steve Jobs, the Beatles and even Rajnikant go to the Himalayas on a regular basis!

Father of many rivers

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the entire agriculture and irrigation of the northern part of India and even Pakistan depends on the rivers that originate from the Himalayas. The Ganga the Brahmaputra, the Indus, and the Yarlung zangbo are the mightiest rivers that find their origin in the Himalayas. It is the melting of the snow caps in the Himalayas that make these rivers abundant in the flow of water giving livelihood and food to a lot of people in the plains below. It is interesting to note that many rivers in South India go drive during the summers because of the lack of water, however, the rivers of North India have an abundant flow in the summer due to the melting of snow in the Himalayas.

Special mention: place of supernormal activities

There was always an element of mystery about the Himalayas. There are a lot of unsolved cases of what happens in the Himalayas. There are allegations that there are serious who has lived for about 200 years and they look as if they are 30 years old. There are allegations of cryptic features like the Yeti that have been roaming in the Himalayas. There are unexplained skeleton findings in some of the lakes in the upper parts of Himalayas. To top all of these up, there are allegations that the Himalayas serves as a base for aliens and there have been sightings of unidentified flying objects roaming around the skies of Himalayas.

Adventurous Paradise

There can be nothing that excites an adventurer more than the mention of the word Himalayas. It is a great place of adventure for any kind of enthusiastic. There are white water rafting places in Rishikesh which is essentially the meltwater of Himalayas. There are taking areas at the Kanchenjunga base camp. There are people who are brave enough to Trek Mount Everest and reach its peak and interestingly, there have been more than 5000 people who have reached the top of Mount Everest. People can paraglide in the winds of Kalimpong and ride there Royal Enfield to the highest motorable road on the planet at khardungla which is situated at about 18000 feet from the mean sea level.

Abode of awesome animals

The Himalayan climate makes sure that many animals that live in this region might not be able to accommodate themselves in any other parts of the world. This is probably the reason why many animals like the snow leopard The Red Panda and the Himalayan Sheep have made this mountain range their home. Well, for you to understand what the snow leopard And The Red Panda look like, remember Tai Lung and master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda?

Researches retreat

The climatic conditions and the geological attributes of the Himalayas or something that you can never find anywhere else. This makes the Himalayas a great place for people to research a lot of subjects like glaciology, meteorology, geology, zoology botany and even astronomy. The presence of clear night skies and the absence of manmade lights ensure that the astronomers can get a Clear View of the stars in the night sky.

Last but not least…

Pride of the Indian Army

If there is one. That can be stated to show how great the Indian Army is, one can say that the Indian Army controls the Siachen Glacier which is the highest battlefield on planet Earth. It is humanly impossible to sustain temperatures less than minus 20 degree Celsius on a day to day basis. Only the bravest of the brave and the toughest off the tough make it be at the Siachen Glacier. There are instances when people who could cross the Himalayas failed to make it to Siachen because they didn’t have the essential endurance. The high altitude Warfare School or the haw s is a premium Warfare school where people from all over the world and even the elite armies of the United States and Russia take training under India to ensure that they can sustain high altitude conditions in the times of our outbreak. The Himalayas stays what it is today is an Abode of peace, tranquility and a lot more because of the continuous and the incessant efforts of the Indian Army.

The Himalayas helps India stand tall in a lot of aspects, literally. These are a few interesting things about the Himalayas that should make you take pride in one of the greatest mountain regions that stays less than 3 days of travel from anywhere in India!

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