Largest Railway Stations in India

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the backbone of Indian transportation lies in the Railways. Railways are the most important aspects of transportation in India and the most inaccessible places are connected because of the train tracks. India has the second largest Railway network in the world after the trans Siberian Railway And The Indian Railways is considered to be the largest employer in the world. So much of legacy and applied for Indian Railways another ride for this industry is the railway stations. The railway stations might just server utility in many places but given the fact that the places like the New York Grand Central or locations of architectural Marvels the stations in India or not an exception to this later.

Here are some of the best railway stations in India.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai

There is no price for guessing that this place will be the first in this list. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus of Mumbai is the most recognised railway station in India. It was built in the year 1887 and was known as the Mumbai VT or the Mumbai Victoria Terminus. It was changed to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in the year 1996. It was designed by some of the best Architects Frederick Stevens and axle head. This station is one of the busiest stations in India serving as a gateway to the commercial capital of India. There are other stations in Mumbai to decongest this railway station but the fact still remains that it is one of the busiest and largest railway stations in India.

Ghum railway station in North Bengal

This railway station which is a part of the Darjeeling toy train network is the highest railway station in India. This alone might not be enough to qualify it as one of the best, but the fact that this railway station looks so Pristine and clean is something to be proud of. This station is not only the highest in India but the 14th highest in the world. This is a place that you should never miss visiting when you are on a package tour to Darjeeling.

Dudhsagar station Castle Rock

Some railway station have their claim to Fame because of the station in itself. However, the claim to Fame for this station is the natural Wonder That is right next to this place, the Dudhsagar Falls. Considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India, if you would like to experience this waterfall, you will have to get down at the Dudhsagar railway station. This railway station has a lot of railway tunnels in its vicinity and that makes the experience even better.

Special mentions – Ib and Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta:

These are not special stations in any case. However these two are the stations that carry the shortest and the longest names for railway stations in India!

Chennai Central

The Gateway of India and the entire state of Tamil Nadu has to be the Chennai Central Railway Station. The Chennai Central railway station has about 12 platforms and is one of the oldest stations in India. It is built in the Persian style of architecture and is one of the busiest stations as well. In spite of being the oldest, busiest and the largest among the stations in India, Chennai Central has the distinction of being one of the cleanest as well. It is one of the very first stations to give free Wi-Fi to the passengers. Chennai Central is one of the Biggest Railway Stations in India

Howrah station

Kolkata was one of the most important cities in Indian history especially under the rule of the Britishers. Itself as the capital of India until the year 1911. Given this fact there were a lot of development that happened in the city of Kolkata and the Howrah railway station is one among them. Boasting of 23 platforms, it is one of the largest and busiest stations in India. What makes this position even more beautiful is that it is situated on the banks of the river Hugli which connects this station to the rest of the city via one of the most recognised bridges in India, the Howrah Bridge!

Charbagh Lucknow

The Charbagh railway station of Lucknow is without question, one of the most beautiful railway stations in the Indian subcontinent. The name of this station literally means four Gardens and it reminds us of the four sprawling Gardens that used to exist in here. The architecture of this railway station is a perfect Confluence of the Mughal, Rajput, and the awadi styles. An interesting aspect that needs to be noted about this railway station is that the aerial view of the station resembles a chess board.

Special mention: Royapuram

A lot of people who did that schooling in India would have remembered the general knowledge question that the first train in India ran between Bombay and Thane. However, both the stations are non existent today. One of the earliest Railway routes in India was between Arakkonam and Royapuram. Among these two, Dharapuram station in Chennai was one of the first Constructions and It helped take a lot of imports from the Chennai port to the interior districts of Tamilnadu and it was the centre of the Madras Presidency in those days. As of now, Royapuram is the oldest existing railway station in India. The face of the Royapuram station has remained unchanged for a long time. It is indeed a bride for the Chennai City to have one of the most famous landmarks in India!

Another special mention: Navapur and Bhawani Mandi:

India is a land of Unity and Diversity much more than unity in diversity. This is probably one of the reasons why we have instances of 2 States sharing a single railway station. The first one, the Navapur station is shared between the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. However, the place legally belongs to the state of Maharashtra. Both the states have buses on both ends of the station working to connect the cities in their own States. The second one, Bhawani Mandi is shared between Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

All these Little Things make Indian Railways a very special entity in the world. With so many distant railway stations that stand as signatures for themselves, and with the oncoming development like the metro and the bullet train, India can only be expected to make a better progress with respect to Railways and the entire field of transportation!

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