The fabulous Top 10 Flyovers in India Must See The View From There

Flyovers are some of the most common engineering Marvels. You can find them in every City standing tall from the rest of the landscape and yet been so utilitarian in connecting the important places. If you would like to know what it would be without flyovers, just imagine the traffic that they would cause. Flyovers do a great job in diverting the unwanted traffic and decongesting a few important functions.

India has a lot of cities that have started to improve in there infrastructure, there Auburn presence and a lot of other aspects. Flyovers contribute a great deal to this new improvement. Although flyovers might be completely utilitarian, some of them are so important that they stand out to be landmarks of that particular region. Here are a few flyovers in India that have stood out from the rest of them.

Kathipara cloverleaf, Chennai

The Kathipara flyover is the largest cloverleaf flyover in Asia and it serves as a gateway to the city of Chennai from the southern end of the city. The flyover is quite imposing and managing in it’s very presence and it makes way for people to divert into the southern, Northern, North Western and South Western areas of Chennai. This flyover was officially inaugurated in the year 2008 and today, it is very hard for people to imagine Chennai without the comfort and convenience of the Kathipara Flyover. The presence of the metro tracks running over the flyover makes Chennai look like a totally Cosmopolitan City. Kathipara cloverleaf is one of the Longest Amazing Flyovers in India 

The electronic city flyover, Bangalore

When Bangalore started to grow as the information technology capital of India, the development was separated by Infosys that established its office in the electronic city. The electronic city lies in the South Eastern region of Bangalore bordering at Tamil Nadu. People who lived in the residential areas of Bangalore had always wanted an easy commute from the city to the Electronic City and this was adequately filled by a flyover that directly connect the Silk Board Junction to the Electronic City over a distance of 11 kilometres. This slower has made it increasingly convenient for the people who work in this city, beating all the condition of the Suburban areas that lie below the fast moving traffic on the fly over. Although the flyover is a toll road, people are ready to pay the money because the price of the comfort and convenience is far higher!

PV Narasimha Rao Expressway, Hyderabad

The international airport in Shamshabad beat the INS Rajali airstrip in Arakkonam to conquer the position of the longest Runway, not only in India but in the whole of Asia. This new airport has opened new avenues for Hyderabad to develop. However, the airport being in the outskirts of the city presented a lot of challenges and this was adequately overcome by the PV Narasimha Rao highway that directly connects Mehdipatnam to the airport.

Yamuna Expressway, Noida to Agra

When it comes to connecting the region of the national capital with one of the most important regions with regards to tourism, the Government of India does not fall back. The Yamuna Expressway connects Noida to Agra and is one of the most important Roadways in India. The Yamuna Expressway also has one of the most busy Toll Plaza in India. One of the specialities of this Expressway is that this Highway is capable of landing fighter aircrafts in the case of Defence emergencies. Aircraft was tested for its compatibility and was found successful.

Mumbai Pune expressway

The Mumbai Pune expressway is considered as one of the biggest landmarks in Roadways. Connecting the second biggest city in Maharashtra to the biggest city, this 6 way flyover goes across the most amazing parts of the Western Ghats and it is interesting to note that the flatness of the road was tested with laces. The road is filled with a mix of rubber and leaving it quite elastic and giving it rigidity at the same time. A person who travels on this Expressway can see the amazing landmarks of Khandala and Lonavala as they pass from Pune to Mumbai.

Mumbai Worli Sea Link

The Bandra Worli Sea Link is one of the biggest landmarks in the history of flyovers in India. It Rings the Western Suburban regions of Mumbai to the Nariman Point in the main area of Mumbai and it passes through the Mahim b. This amazing engineering marvel reduces the travel time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes during the peak hours. This is a four lane on each side flyover that is considered one of the biggest achievements in engineering. The site of this Bridge during the night is nothing short of spectacular.

Special mention: Anna flyover

Anna flyover, which was known as the Gemini flyover because of the presence of the famous Gemini studios in Chennai, is a very ordinary flyover in today’s perspective. However, when it was built in the year 1973, it was the first grade separator not only in India but the whole of Asia. This only goes on to show that India was more poised towards development in the 1970 and it was far ahead of the East Asian countries like Singapore and Thailand. It was the third flyover in India and for a long time, it served as an important landmark in Chennai. To this day, this flyover is a reminder that India is well ahead of many other countries in terms of Technology, exploitation of design and creating landmarks for its most famous cities!

Flyovers in India serve a lot more than just utility. These places so as important connectors between vital points for the traffic. They serve to decongest the traffic in some of the most important to hotspot. In addition to all of these, they also present and aesthetic appeal that gives a face lift to the entire landscape and applied to the city!

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