Highest Peaks of the Himalayas

Without an argument, the Himalayas is the highest mountain range in the world. With the highest mountain peak on the planet is situated on this mountain range, the Himalayas is the home to some of the most exotic and mysterious parts in the world. The Himalayas is distributed across several countries namely India, Nepal Bhutan Tibet and China. There are parts of the Himalayas that even get into Pakistan and Afghanistan at a few places. With these many mountains and mountain peaks, Himalayas is one of the most challenging locations for mountaineers and trekkers. You can find the Interesting Facts About Highest Peaks of Himalayas

With so many mountain peaks for an adventure and for just looking at and wondering, we have compiled a list of the highest mountain peaks in the Himalayas and the top 10 of them. It would be interesting to note that 9 of the 10 tallest mountain peaks in the world are situated in the Himalayas. the one in the second rank is not far from the Himalayas either. The K2 for the Godwin Austen is situated on the Karakoram range which is an auxiliary mountain range to the Himalayas.

Mount Everest

Without even a question, Mount Everest is definitely the highest mountain peak in Himalayas. It stands at an elevation of 8815 which makes it the highest mountain on this planet on land. This Mount Everest is also known as Sagarmatha and chomolungma locally in Sanskrit and Nepali languages. It was finally conquered in the air 1953 by Tenzing norgay and Edmund Hillary who managed to put the flags of India and Great Britain on the top of the Mountain. Since then, Mount Everest has started to attract a lot of mountaineers and the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute situated in Darjeeling trains people specifically for this purpose.


Kanchenjunga is a very special mountain range. It is situated half in India and half in Nepal, and both these countries have peacefully decided to share this amazing Landmark. At an altitude of 8586 M, this is the second highest mountain in the world and it has a name with a very exotic meaning that says five Treasures of great snow. The Kanchenjunga has an altitude of 8586 M and was conquered later than Everest in 1955. The difficulty of the Trek is what makes Kanchenjunga more difficult than Mount Everest. However, Kanchenjunga has one of the most beautiful base camps that make a great place for people to just trek and rest.


This mountain peak with an elevation of 8516 is situated in the mahalangur region of Nepal and China. It is a part of the Everest massif and has all what it takes to proclaim its Supremacy as the fourth highest mountain peak on the world. The name literally means South peek. There have been a lot of attempts to scale this mountain peak but the first of it came only in the year 1955 and the last of it came in 2017 when a Belgian person named Stef Wolfsput became the first person with a disability to climb this mountain and he achieved this in spite of suffering from a paralyzed leg.


Makalu, at an altitude of 8485 M is the fifth highest peak on this planet and is situated on the east of Mount Everest in the mahalangur region. This mountain is very special for the people of Nepal and China. This place has to subsidiary pics and the first attempt to climb this mountain was in the year 1954. This place has a beautiful valley next to it and it has Amazing waterfalls and green forests that make it one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the vicinity of Nepal. This place also has a lot of rare animal and plant species that makes it one of the last Pristine mountain ecosystems on this planet and is relatively untouched by any human activity.

Cho oyu

This mountain peak again is situated in the mahalangur region of Nepal and the name of this mountain literally means Turquoise goddess! At an altitude of 8188 me, this mountain peak is a delight to a lot of Mountain climbers because this is considered to be the easiest 8000 mountain to climb on. The first attempt was made by no one else than the famous Edmund Hillary himself and ever since then, this mountain has been a favourite for a lot of people. It has the lowest rates of death among all the Himalayan mountain peaks. This makes this mountain a very special place especially for mountain climbing enthusiasts.

Dhaulagiri 1

Dhaulagiri literally means white mountain. It is situated in Nepal at an altitude of 8167 m above the sea level and it is considered to be the highest mountain situated within the borders of a single country. While Everest, Kanchenjunga, K2 and all the other Mountains are shared between India, Nepal, China and Pakistan, this mountain is situated completely within Nepal. This mountain was not conquered by Nepalese or by any other English expedition specialist but by the people who specialise in the expression of the Alps. this mountain has a very difficult Terrain making the fatality rate at 16.2% which is quite high.


Telugu as this name may sound, mountain peak is situated in Nepal and literally means the mountain of the spirit. Standing tall at an altitude of 8163 M just 4 m short office nearest competitive, this mountain is situated in Central Nepal and is a great place for you to explore the heights of the Himalayas as it is not considered to be as dangerous as dhavalagiri.

Nanga Parbat

nanga Parbat literally means naked mountain. It is situated in the gilgit-baltistan region of Pakistan. This is one of the biggest Pride points of Pakistan and it Rises 7000 above the Indus river. This one is considered to be the westernmost peak of the Himalayas and was conquered in the same way as Mount Everest. Nanga parbat is one of the tallest Peaks of Himalayas


The name Annapurna in Sanskrit names goddess of the harvest. Standing tall at 8091 M, this is situated in the central region of Nepal and was conquered in the year 1950. This place is the north of the pokhara region and that makes it one of the most beautiful places in Nepal.


the name means crest above the grassy plains and is a part of the gosainthan region of China. Standing tall at 8027 M, it is located in Central Himalaya and just at about 10 km from the northern border of Nepal.

Special mention has to be made about Mount Kailash which is just about 6630 in altitude but has not been conquered that as it is considered to be one of the most sacred places for four religions and is also a source of four Holy rivers.

Needless to say, Himalayas is one of the most exotic at amazing places on this planet, and it only gives a sense of pride and happiness to feel that Himalayas has been acting as a natural barrier for a lot of destruction both natural and man made from affecting India. This makes the Himalayas stand tall not only in terms of Its peaks but also in terms of its position and the work that it does silently touching the skies!

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