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Largest Dams of India

Not all interruptions that include in the function of nature by humans are considered destructive. For example, the dams that are constructed across the rivers are considered to be very constructive not only for the humans but also for nature. There are a few dams that can be considered as landmarks in the history of engineering and architecture. The aswan dam that is built across the river Nile, the Hoover dam and more importantly the three gorges dam that is built in China which is expected to even alter the time of rotation of the earth can be considered as great engineering Marvels. However, some of these dance might not be that massive but have a massive impact in the economy and geography of the region.

When it comes to a country like India whose economy is dependent on farming and whose electricity is dependent on natural resources, dams are very important. Some of these dams have quite some significance in being large. We have compiled below, a list of the largest dams in India.

Tehri dam in Uttarakhand

Tehri dam is the Largest dam in India and the highest dam in the world. It is an Earth embankment dam that is built across the Bhagirathi river. The main purpose of this Dam was to build a hydroelectric project with thousand megawatts capacity with a computer storage scheme. However, when the dam was constructed, its diversified into an irrigation and Municipal water supply Dam as well. This Dam was conceptualised in 1961 and the construction of this Dam began in 1978. After a lot of Technical and financial assistance by the Soviet Union, the dam was completed in the late 20th century and it started to function in the year 2006.

Bakra Nangal in Himachal Pradesh

Bakra Nangal in Himachal Pradesh had the credit of being the highest dam in India before the Tehri Dam was opened. It is built across the river Satluj which is one of the biggest tributaries of the river Indus. This Dam supplies water to the Gobind Sagar Reservoir and stores 9. 34 million cubic metres of water. The Reservoir in itself is 90 km long and it is the third largest water Reservoir in India. This was described as a temple of resurgent India by Jawaharlal Nehru. The development of this Dam began in the year 1948 and was finally constructed and opened in the air 1963. It is a concrete gravity dam and it supplies water for irrigation in three states, namely, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. This them also has an electricity generation plant which was built in assistance from the Soviet Union that has a capacity of 1325 megawatts. Being in one of the richest waters, this damn also has a lot of Exotic fishes including a few endangered ones.

Sardar Sarovar Dam Gujarat

Anything that is great in the state of Gujarat has to have the name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in it and the Sardar Sarovar Dam is not an exception to this golden rule. this Dam 6 across the river Narmada in the state of Gujarat and it supplies water and electricity to Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. An interesting things to note about this dam is that the construction began in 1961 And was inaugurated in 2017, technically making it a Dame to become a saint by the first prime minister of India and to be inaugurated by the present Prime Minister of India. This Dam has one of the highest capacity and it irrigate about 17920 square km of land across 3400 villages. Dam also has a solar power generation unit in addition to the hydroelectric power unit. The installed capacity of this power generation unit is in the order of about thousand four hundred and Fifty megawatts.

Hirakud Dam

The Hirakud Dam is built across the Mahanadi River, and is the longest dam in the world. the total length of the dam is about 26 km and the length of the main them is 4. 8 km. The commencement of this Dam began in the year 1936 when one of the greatest engineers of India Sir M Visvesvaraya proposed a Dam to tackle the problem of floods on the river Mahanadi. In April 1948 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laid the first batch of concrete. The dam was completed in 1953 and was inaugurated in 1957. This Dam has a lot of fishes and is a great place for fishing economy.

Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Sagar is built across the river Krishna in the state of Telangana and in Nalgonda district. The construction of this Dam went on from 1955 to 1967 and it has a storage capacity of 11. 5 billion cubic metres. This Dam provides irrigation solution for the districts of Nalgonda, Suryapet, Krishna, Khammam, West Godavari, Guntur and Prakasam district in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This Nagarjuna Sagar also comes clubbed with a power station with an installed capacity of 816

These Constructions are nothing short of engineering and technological Marvels showing how much does human Intelligence can go to take control of nature and use it for the benefit of mankind and everyone around. Is a new country like India can construct these dams command the future of India only looks better with the upcoming projects that are expected to provide more irrigation and power to many other dry and infertile regions in India!

Highest peaks of the Himalayas

Without an argument, the Himalayas is the highest mountain range in the world. With the highest mountain peak on the planet be situated on this mountain range, Himalayas is the home to some of the most exotic and mysterious parts in the world. Himalayas is distributed across several countries namely India, Nepal Bhutan Tibet and China. There are parts of the Himalayas that even get into Pakistan and Afghanistan at a few places. With these many mountains and mountain peaks, Himalayas is one of the most challenging locations for mountaineers and trekkers.

With so many mountain peaks for an adventure and for just looking at and wondering, we have compiled a list of the highest mountain peaks in Himalayas and the top 10 of them. It would be interesting to note that 9 of the 10 tallest mountain peaks in the world are situated in Himalayas. the one in the second rank is not far from Himalayas either. The K2 for the Godwin Austen is situated on the Karakoram range which is an auxiliary mountain range to the Himalayas.

Mount Everest

Without even a question, Mount Everest is definitely the highest mountain peak in Himalayas. It stands at an elevation of 8815 which makes it the highest mountain on this planet on land. This Mount Everest is also known as Sagarmatha and chomolungma locally in Sanskrit and Nepali languages. It was finally conquered in the air 1953 by Tenzing norgay and Edmund Hillary who managed to put the flags of India and Great Britain on the top of the Mountain. Since then, Mount Everest has started to attract a lot of mountaineers and the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute situated in Darjeeling trains people specifically for this purpose.


Kanchenjunga is a very special mountain range. It is situated half in India and half in Nepal, and both these countries have peacefully decided to share this amazing Landmark. At an altitude of 8586 M, this is the second highest mountain in the world and it has a name with a very exotic meaning that says five Treasures of great snow. The Kanchenjunga has an altitude of 8586 M and was conquered later than Everest in 1955. The difficulty of the Trek is what makes Kanchenjunga more difficult than Mount Everest. However, Kanchenjunga has one of the most beautiful base camps that make a great place for people to just trek and rest.


This mountain peak with an elevation of 8516 is situated in the mahalangur region of Nepal and China. It is a part of the Everest massif and has all what it takes to proclaim its Supremacy as the fourth highest mountain peak on the world. The name literally means South peek. There have been a lot of attempts to scale this mountain peak but the first of it came only in the year 1955 and the last of it came in 2017 when a Belgian person named Stef Wolfsput became the first person with a disability to climb this mountain and he achieved this in spite of suffering from a paralyzed leg.


Makalu, at an altitude of 8485 M is the fifth highest peak on this planet and is situated on the east of Mount Everest in the mahalangur region. This mountain is very special for the people of Nepal and China. This place has to subsidiary pics and the first attempt to climb this mountain was in the year 1954. This place has a beautiful valley next to it and it has Amazing waterfalls and green forests that make it one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the vicinity of Nepal. This place also has a lot of rare animal and plant species that makes it one of the last Pristine mountain ecosystems on this planet and is relatively untouched by any human activity.

Cho oyu

This mountain peak again is situated in the mahalangur region of Nepal and the name of this mountain literally means Turquoise goddess! At an altitude of 8188 me, this mountain peak is a delight to a lot of Mountain climbers because this is considered to be the easiest 8000 mountain to climb on. The first attempt was made by no one else than the famous Edmund Hillary himself and ever since then, this mountain has been a favourite for a lot of people. It has the lowest rates of death among all the Himalayan mountain peaks. This makes this mountain a very special place especially for mountain climbing enthusiasts.

Dhaulagiri 1

Dhaulagiri literally means white mountain. It is situated in Nepal at an altitude of 8167 m above the sea level and it is considered to be the highest mountain situated within the borders of a single country. While Everest, Kanchenjunga, K2 and all the other Mountains are shared between India, Nepal, China and Pakistan, this mountain is situated completely within Nepal. This mountain was not conquered by Nepalese or by any other English expedition specialist but by the people who specialise in the expression of the Alps. this mountain has a very difficult Terrain making the fatality rate at 16.2% which is quite high.


Telugu as this name may sound, mountain peak is situated in Nepal and literally means the mountain of the spirit. Standing tall at an altitude of 8163 M just 4 m short office nearest competitive, this mountain is situated in Central Nepal and is a great place for you to explore the heights of the Himalayas as it is not considered to be as dangerous as dhavalagiri.

Nanga Parbat

nanga Parbat literally means naked mountain. It is situated in the gilgit-baltistan region of Pakistan. This is one of the biggest Pride points of Pakistan and it Rises 7000 above the Indus river. This one is considered to be the westernmost peak of the Himalayas and was conquered in the same way as Mount Everest.


The name Annapurna in Sanskrit names goddess of the harvest. Standing tall at 8091 M, this is situated in the central region of Nepal and was conquered in the year 1950. This place is the north of the pokhara region and that makes it one of the most beautiful places in Nepal.


the name means crest above the grassy plains and is a part of the gosainthan region of China. Standing tall at 8027 M, it is located in Central Himalaya and just at about 10 km from the northern border of Nepal.

Special mention has to be made about Mount Kailash which is just about 6630 in altitude but has not been conquered that as it is considered to be one of the most sacred places for four religions and is also a source of four Holy rivers.

Needless to say, Himalayas is one of the most exotic at amazing places on this planet, and it only gives a sense of pride and happiness to feel that Himalayas has been acting as a natural barrier for a lot of destruction both natural and man made from affecting India. This makes the Himalayas stand tall not only in terms of Its peaks but also in terms of its position and the work that it does silently touching the skies!

Private Places for Couples in Kolkata

I like many other parts of India, Kolkata is one City that has always been progressive with its respect to culture. The city of Kolkata has produced a lot of Amazing thinkers like Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda and even science people like Satyendra Nath Bose and Meghnad Saha. In all of this intelligence, cultural acceptance will always be there. This is the reason probably the couples in Kolkata are always on the Lookout for private places to have some time for themselves.

Few years ago, Kolkata was one of the most important cities in India. It was constantly listed among the top four cities in addition to New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. However in the recent days, the city of Kolkata is just the city of joy and has lost its importance to new cities like Bangalore. However, the major Constructions and landmarks that were a part of the essential Kolkata culture have lived to this day. These places are often secluded and deserted and they provide perfect Hangouts and breakouts for couples who look forward to a private time.

London Paris theatre

There is no better place for couples to have a time for themselves then a secluded movie theatre that is not at all crowded. The London Paris theatre in Ballygunge area of Kolkata definitely fix this will. If you would like to spend some time with your loved one and not be disturbed, it is great for you to choose a morning show in a boring movie and have the entire movie theatre for yourself and if at all you are disturbed, it will be because of another couple who would like to mind their own business. An unpopular movie might be a Nightmare for the actor and producer but surely not for the couple.

Princep Ghat boat ride

Princep Ghat is one of the oldest recreational places in Kolkata and was built in the year 1841. It lies between Saint Georges gate of Fort William and the watergate. While this place was a very famous landmark in the earlier days, it has become quite deserted these days and it is a great place for couples to retire to their own little area and have a private time for themselves. It was used by the Indian Navy in its earlier days but now there is not much of activity.

Indian Museum of Kolkata

The Indian Museum of Kolkata also known as the Imperial Museum at Calcutta Is the largest and oldest museum in India. It has a lot of collections of antics, skeletons, mummies and paintings. It was founded by the Asiatic Society of Bengal in the year 1814. Given the massive size of the Museum and the interest or rather the lack of it that people have towards history, this Museum is always a secluded and deserted. Unless and until there is a school trip that is happening during the weekdays, this Museum would be a great place for couples to enjoy a private time in the launch of the Museum.

Birla Planetarium

The planetarium might not sound like a great place for you to have a private time. However, given the fact that not many people visited the planetarium these days, thanks to virtual reality and Google Earth, the planetarium serves as a perfect place for you to find a dark spot without much human activity. Here again, unless and until there is a school trip happening to the planetarium, this place is quite deserted as well.

Rabindra sarobar lake

the Rabindra Sarovar Lake is as if it was made for the couples to have a good time. All you need to do is to get down at the Rabindra Sarovar Metro station and take a walk of about 4 to 5 minutes. This lake is so perfect that the surroundings have a lot of Shady trees and trimmed glasses that give a perfect setup for you to have a good time with your partner. There are a few drawbacks to this place as there are no public toilets and drinking and smoking is not allowed inside. However, if you can take care of these aspects, this is a perfect place for you to unwind with your partner.

Benu Bana Chaya

This place is open from 10 a. M. To 9: 00 p. M. It secure so close second spot in the place for couples in Kolkata. In addition to giving all the privacy, there are also boating options that you can take in the benubana Chhaya lake. Although it is considered a great place for couples there are teenagers who might lighter around disturbing you.

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is an important Landmark for the entire city of Kolkata. However, given its vast expanse and the trees and lawns, Victoria’s Memorial also Doubles up as a perfect place for couples to have a private time. Here again, commuting is easy and the many places in the Victoria Memorial that you can take for yourself is the ultimate thing that you can do by being close to the centre of the city and at the same time having your own private time.

Central Park in Salt Lake City

The central park in Calcutta gives you a field of telling as if you are in the city of New York. It is the largest open space in Kolkata after the Kolkata Maidan. The park is easily reachable from karunamoyee bus stand and this place, with its vast expanse, gives you a lot of privacy and what makes this place better is that since the entire spot is surrounded by couples, you might not be disturbed at all!

Kolkata has always given a lot of options for a lot of people and couples who are in love or not an exception. With so much to offer, Kolkata is definitely a place that you can look forward to culturally experiment, not just with food and Lifestyle, but also with the acceptance of romance. It is probably one of the reasons why the Bengali movies are always progressive and better compared to the movies of Other industries!

Top 15 Highest Waterfalls In India

Waterfalls are one of nature’s best aspects. The very site of the water falling from a great height and plunging into the rocks in the bottom forming a heavenly Mist as it falls down is a great sight to behold. The sound of the splashing water is nothing short of meditating. In all of these, waterfalls make amazing tourist spots.

India is a land that is blessed with a lot of aspects in nature. Waterfalls are one among them. India, with so many rivers and mountains, is bound to have many waterfalls. There are many aspects that make this waterfalls spectacular. For some of them, it is the location and for some of them, it is the river. For some of them, it is the visual appeal. However, if there is one aspect that can make any waterfalls look amazing, it has to be the height of plunge.

Given below is the list of the 15 highest waterfalls in India that you should consider visiting to experience the fullest glory of nature.

Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls is, without second question, the highest Waterfall in India. It is situated on the Varahi river in the state of Karnataka. The height from which the waterfall drops down is a spectacular 455 M. The falls within the restricted area and gate pass is required to access this region. The best time to visit the waterfall is during the winter season. Mangalore stands as the nearest airport.

Bahrehi Pani Falls


The state of Orissa might not be blessed with a lot of natural resources and attractions. However, if there is one thing that puts Orissa in the list of awesome states in India, it has to be this waterfall, in addition to a lot of manmade things like the Abdul Kalam Island and the Puri Jagannath temple. This waterfall take a plunge of about 399 M making at the second highest waterfall in the world. The place is located at about 120 km from Ghazipur.

Nohkalikai Falls Meghalaya

Small state in India but it is blessed with a lot of natural wonders that make it an amazing state for tourism. In addition to the places like mawsynram and Cherrapunji and the Natural wonders like the living root bridges, Meghalaya is blessed with one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, the nohkalikai waterfall. it is the tallest plunge waterfall in India and the plunge height is about 340 metres. It is located near Cherrapunji and there is never a season when this waterfall runs dry. There is a legend that the waterfall is named after a woman who left her infant girl at the foot of the waterfall.

Seven sisters waterfall

As the name implies, the seven sisters waterfall also known as the mouse my falls is S7 segmented waterfall which life come again in the state of Meghalaya. The plunge height of the waterfall is about 350 M and it has an average width of about 70 M making it one of the tallest and widest waterfalls in India. It is said by the heavy rains in the state of Meghalaya and the fun Falling On The Water makes it one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India.

Dudhsagar Falls

Ask any person who has gone from Bangalore to Goa by train and they will surely recollect the memories of the Dudhsagar waterfall that goes on the Mondovi river. It is a 4th year waterfall that makes it one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India. With a plunge height of 310 M, it is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. It is a place that is considered a favourite for adventure into ciaz hu get down at the Castle Rock railway station and go to the Dudhsagar Falls railway station to go on a trek. The presence of the railway tunnels nearby makes it even adventurous.

Langshiang Falls Meghalaya

We have seen Meghalaya occur multiple times in this list and even now, it is not complete. This waterfall has a height of about 337 M which might make it the third highest waterfall in India. This waterfall is situated on one of the mightiest rivers in Meghalaya and it has a steady flow always. This fall is also a great attraction for trekking and adventure.

Kynrem Falls Meghalaya

The kynrem falls in Meghalaya is situated at about 12 km from Cherrapunji and is on the east Khasi hills. This is the seventh highest waterfall in India and it has multiple tears just like the Doodh Sagar. The height of the waterfall is about 305 M making it one of the tallest.

Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty Falls in Kerala is situated in the Wayanad district. If North India has its Meghalaya for waterfalls, it is Kerala that fills this position for South India. At a plunger height of about 301 M, the meenmutty falls is one of the tallest in India. The literal translation of this waterfall means blocked fish. You can access this waterfall through a to kilometre hike in the Wayanad Ooty road. This falls is considered very dangerous during the rainy season and is quite adventurous during the others.

Thalaiyar Falls

The thalaiyar falls or the rat tail falls is one of the highest waterfalls in India is situated in the Theni district of Tamilnadu. It is quite inaccessible and involves a very tough Hike through some of the densest Jungle in the region. It is the sixth highest waterfall in India and the 267th highest waterfall in the world. The floor of the waterfall looks like the tale of the rat and that is the reason for its alternate name. The trick to this false starts from the Manjallar reservoir.

Barkana waterfall

Here is one more waterfall that is listed under the Karnataka section. It is situated on the Sita river in the Agumbe region in Shimoga district. It is quite possibly listed among the highest waterfalls in India. The plunge height is nothing quite known and you can access this waterfall at about 10 km from Agumbe. As an auxiliary information, it is one of the richest biodiversity hotspots in India.

Jog Falls

The Jog Falls is situated in the Sagara Taluk of Karnataka and it is segmented waterfall in the Samba and plunge waterfall during the rainy season. This is the 13th most famous waterfall in the world and is on The Sharavathi River. The Drop height is about 253 making it the third highest plunge waterfall in India. This waterfall contributes to one of the greatest attraction of tourism in Karnataka. This Falls also supplies hydroelectric power that generates about thousand megawatts capacity.

Khandadhar Falls

Yet another Crowning Glory in the Legacy of Orissa is this 12th highest waterfall in India. It is situated at about 104 km from Rourkela and it has a plan the height of about 241 m in a single drop. It is a Horse tail waterfall and the legend is that the tribals fiercely protect this waterfall for its divine connotation that they have. Sadly, this waterfall has been impacted heavily by the mining in the local regions.

Vantawng Falls

This waterfall is located in the state of Mizoram. The plant height of this waterfall is about 230m and it is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in Mizoram. Like many other waterfalls in the Southeast region, it is untouched by humans and is one of the most beautiful in India.

Konai falls in Maharashtra

This waterfall is located in the Lonavala region of Pune district in Maharashtra. It is the 14 highest waterfall in India and has a height of about 200 m.

Athirapally falls in Kerala

This is probably the most recognised waterfall in South India. A part of the credit should go to the celluloid Epic Bahubali. This waterfall is located in the Thrissur district of Kerala and it is on the Chalakudy river. The waterfall is so wide and has a bit of about 100 metres. The elevation is about 390 feet and the water flow is always abundant in this one aspect that makes this waterfall really famous is that it is the filmmakers favourite. It has been featured in a lot of movies including Punnagai Mannan, Dil Se, Guru, Ravan, Mudhalvan and Bahubali.

With these many waterfalls, India is definitely a great place for a nature lover. Even if not for all of these, let us try visiting at least one of these falls to experience the awesomeness of nature in India.


5 Most Beautiful Hill Station in India

Summer vacations give the much needed break from the strenuous schedule as parents. Every day of being a parent to school going children is a lot of tedious work. When it comes to summer, there is not a better Getaway than hill stations. Hill stations give a perfect break for a summer. They do not only give you a easier temperature to tolerate but also give you a lot of sightseeing places that you can enjoy with your family.

With such a complex landscape, India is blessed with a lot of hill stations that you can consider visiting. Right from the north until the south and north sparing the East and West, India has a lot of hill stations. We have compiled a list of the best hill stations in India that you can consider visiting for a summer vacation.


  1. Shimla Kullu and Manali in the north

Any person who is on the Lookout for summer vacation will definitely want to consider Shimla, Kullu and Manali for their vacation. These places are collectively amazing for anyone who is on the Lookout for a getaway. These places are quite proximal to the capital city of Delhi and are well connected by road, rail, and air. The very kind of these places will make you feel relaxed and blissful. There are a lot of interesting spots around these places like the hot springs of Manikaran and the skiing resorts of Manali that can give you a perfect summer vacation.

  1. Darjeeling in the East

West Bengal is perhaps the only state in India that has a beach on one side and snowcapped mountains on the other. The town of Darjeeling has been one of the preferred vacation spots for Britishers who wanted to get away from the humid heat of Calcutta. To this day, Darjeeling serves as a perfect Getaway for people who would like to break away from the stress of daily work life and the summer vacation only gives you a perfect excuse for you to experience the place. It is quite accessible from the Bagdogra Airport or the Siliguri railway station from where you can engage in your own private transport to go to Darjeeling on the amazing Hill roads. Please do not forget to stop by for a 1 cup of tea if it is the morning or the hot momos if it is in the evening. There are a lot of places of interest in Darjeeling including but not limited to the Himalayan zoo, the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, the Tibetan temple and more importantly, The Tiger Hill from where you can watch the sunrise is probably the most spectacular fashion. You can also include a few adventure activities like white water rafting on the Teesta river if you have a rush of adrenaline. You can also consider visiting places like Mirik if you would expand your experience of Darjeeling.

  1. Kodaikanal in the south

Just like many other hill stations, Kodaikanal was also Bond as a Retreat for the British people who wanted to break away from the heat of Chennai. To this day, Kodaikanal gives a better experience than any other hill stations in the vicinity of Tamilnadu and this includes even Ooty. While it is taken over by commercial elements, Kodaikanal is still untouched and gives a very pure and peaceful experience. There are a lot of things that you can consider doing in Kodaikanal for your summer vacation. Even if not for anything else, relaxing walk on the coaches walks area of Kodaikanal is a great experience. In addition to this, there is the Silver cascade waterfall, the bear Shola waterfall and the amazing Devils Kitchen which was made famous in the cult movie Guna. There are a lot of viewpoints like the dolphin’s nose that you can enjoy in Kodaikanal. Don’t forget to come back with a good collection of t and chocolates which are quite famous in there.

  1. Khandala and Lonavala in the west

The city of Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in India and it takes a very good hill station to be in the vicinity for them to provide the much-needed relaxation. This is the purpose that Khandala and Lonavala so perfectly. Quite accessible by road from Pune, these twin hill stations have everything it takes to make your summer vacation perfect. The resort that is available at this location are well maintained and sometimes luxurious. This place is filled with waterfalls, Buddhist temples and monasteries, viewpoints, adventure areas and a lot more. All the little things make this place one of the best places to visit on your summer vacation. Don’t miss out on enjoying the chicken or the fruit and nut dry cakes in Khandala and Lonavala. No wonder, Aamir Khan loves to make this place popular in the song Aati Kya Khandala from the film Ghulam!

  1. Special mention – Valparai

All the hill stations that we have talked about are the hill stations that have gotten there your recognition. The flip side of being recognized is that these hill stations always are experiencing crowds, especially in the Summertime. What if there was a hill station that gives you the same experience, will almost the same experience, but at the same time was not crowded at all? This kind of hill stations makes your summer vacation more Wholesome. This aspect is adequately fulfilled by the hill station called Valparai in the vicinity of the town Pollachi in Tamilnadu. This place might not have a lot of spots where you can enjoy sightseeing. However, a good summer vacation is not about going to places but about relaxation. If you can take a look at the attractions nearby that have still maintained their fresh state instead of going to places that are ticketed and sold, your experience of summer vacation will only get better! The food prepared here is so fresh and you also get a great choice of fruits and vegetables. Unlike the other hill stations from where you can buy it and chocolates, you will only be able to come back with amazing memories and experiences from places like Valparai and top slip.

With so much of experience is operating in these hill stations and so much to destress and relax, hill stations in India are the perfect ways to spend your summer vacation!


List of Hill Station near Hyderabad

Summers are at its pinnacle, the huge wad of flame is demonstrating no kindness on us. It’s the best time to disappear to a faraway land far from the distraught swarm with a specific end goal to discover some comfort and escape the burning warmth. What’s more, what superior to anything a slope occasion on one of these up and coming ends of the week? Investigate some shrouded diamonds.


Ananthagiri Hills

Distance From Hyderabad: 81 Km

Ananthagiri slopes in Hyderabad is one of the most loved trekking goals for the enterprise searchers in Hyderabad. You can encounter nature getting it done at this slope station close by Hyderabad. One can achieve Ananthagiri Hills from its closest railhead of Vikarabad. Ananthagiri slopes are the best place for amateur trekkers. Appreciate a walk around the ananthagiri woodland offers incredible perspectives of the valley and cascades. Camp at the Deccan Trail. Enjoy exercises, for example, shake climbing, adjusting sheets, Spider web and Tarzan swing.

Nagarjuna Sagar

Distance From Hyderabad: 152 Km

Nothing can beat the warmth superior to the waters. Despite the fact that not actually a slope station, but rather the three slopes in Hyderabad encompassing the waterways with the great Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and water spouting through 12 entryways as you pass is justified regardless of a view. One can take an immediate prepare from Hyderabad to Macherla which is the closest railroad station to Nagarjuna Sagar and it takes around 3 hours. Appreciate the amazing perspective of the dam encompassed by three mountains and the streams. Take a watercraft trek to the island in Nagarjunakonda valley arranged between the Nagarjunakonda Mountains. Stop over at the exhibition hall to view the mind-boggling gathering of antiquated Buddha sanctuary. Ethipothala Waterfalls guarantees a confusing perspective of the captivating magnificence of the course.


Distance From Hyderabad: 217 Km

A religious slope station close Hyderabad, this place guarantees a phenomenal drive to the sanctuaries and the hollows where you can rediscover enchanted India. There are transports associating the town of Srisailam with Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur, and Kurnool. The estimated fly out time from Hyderabad to Srisailam is 4 hours. Visit the Ista Kameswari Temple-a brave drive over the backwoods to the sanctuary would spruce you up. Take the rope approach to achieve the Akkamahadevi Caves. You would be enchanted by perceiving how dull it is inside the holes as they are 80 feet down.

Horsley Hills

Distance From Hyderabad to Horsley Hills: 534 Km

Horsley Hills is a flawless make track in an opposite direction from the frantic surge of the city and guarantees you outstanding amongst other perspectives of nature. It is among the most peaceful slope stations around Hyderabad for a casual end of the week. The closest railhead is Madanapalle Road (13 km away), associated by the Dharmavaram-Tirupati traveler and every other week 12732 Secunderabad-Tirupati Express. Trek to the highest point of the slope to savor the mind-boggling perspectives of dumbfounding nature. Visit the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary and elephant hold. Stop over to have a perspective of the Thimmamma Marrimanu which is the world’s greatest banyan tree. Appreciate a watercraft ride on the Lake Gangotri. In the case of going with Kids, visit the Horsley Hills Museum.


Distance From Hyderabad: 599 Km

Lambasingi is really a shrouded diamond in South India which is frequently known as the Kashmir of South India. It’s an ideal place to beat the warmth amid summers close Hyderabad. In the event that you wish to encounter snowfall amid winters in South India then this is the royal residence. It’s best to take a prepare from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam and after that contract a taxi. Appreciate the magnificence of nature in this cool and quiet unexplored slope station. You could go outdoors and investigate the espresso and pepper ranches which have been developed since the British Regime in India.


Distance From Hyderabad: 570 Km

Dandeli is among the experience slope stations close Hyderabad. Dandeli in western ghats is outstanding for its changed culture and rich green environs. It’s an extraordinary slope station with salubrious atmosphere consistently. One can board Hyderabad-Kacheguda prepare and deboard at Hubli Junction. It’s a short head out from Hubli intersection to Dandeli. Dandeli being a tropical rain backwoods is perfect for trekking. It is well known for Whitewater boating and water sports. Visit the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary where you can see some dark jaguars, Malabar Giant Squirrels, Tigers, Elephants, Deers, Wild Dogs, and Crocodiles in their common environment. Dandeli is acclaimed for the Kavala hollows, Ulvi sanctuary, and Syntheri rocks.

Araku Valley

Distance From Hyderabad: 648 Km

Araku Valley is prevalent slope station close Hyderabad for being a beautiful visitor spot and a central espresso delivering agronomic town. The closest railhead is Araku. You could reach there through Janmabhoomi Express. Araku valley gives a mind-blowing perspective of the Ananthagiri Hills. A short drive offers best perspectives of espresso estates on the Ghat course. Araku valley has a substantial number of cascades and doesn’t miss the Damuku Viewpoint. Visit the Government Silk Farm, Mulberry Gardens and Araku Tribal Museum. Tyda stop gives an awesome chance to spot untamed life very close.

Mussoori Hill Station

Offbeat Coldest Top 3 Hill Stations in Uttarakhand within 300 km Away from Delhi

New Delhi, as we all know, is the national capital region and is the epicenter of multiple things in India. It includes but is not limited to the government, the commerce and even a lot of Technology. Auxiliary townships of Delhi like Noida and Gurugram have a lot of Information Technology companies like Google and it also has a thriving Startup culture. Given all of these and the abundance of media companies, the national capital territory is always in need for a Getaway that will relax people from their strenuous schedules of the weekdays.

There is nothing more relaxing than a hill station that will give you the chill, literally! In that regard, the national capital territory is blessed with a lot of hill station around it. Given the need for people to go and return quickly, we have compiled a list of hill stations in Uttarakhand that are situated within the 300 km radius from Delhi. This makes it ideal for you to go on a drive and come back and this would fit the bill as a perfect weekend Getaway.


The state of Uttarakhand is blessed with a lot of hill stations in and around the state capital. The hill stations Ashok letter that there are two distinct hill stations that are separated only by 35 km. This is the condition with Mussoorie which is located in the Dehradun district. District capital Dehradun in itself is a great hill station. Mussoorie gives you a perfect relaxation from Delhi and is a great Getaway at just 278 km from Delhi.

Distance from Delhi: 278 km

Best season to visit: Throughout the year based on your trip plan Intention

April-June: The months of April, May and June witness the peak season because of the pleasant climate.

AugustSeptember: Mussoorie usually sees heavy rainfall during the monsoon season.

October to mid February: While cold season in mussoorie is enjoyable, and generally winter season starts during the month of October and lasts till the end of February. The minimum temperature 1 degree C during the night. Those should visit Mussoorie during winters, who looking forward to see snowfall.

Mussoori Hill Station

Prime attractions: Kempty Falls, Tibetan Temple, Jharipani falls, Bhatta Falls

Mussoorie has a lot of attractions like the Kempty Falls, the camel’s back road and the dhanaulti. It is situated on the garhwal mountain ranges and it is the highest region in the Lal Tibba.

There is a Tibetan Temple that was built by the people of Tibet who settled in this region and is a great place for you to unwind and relax. Mussoorie he was founded by captain John young in the year 1820 and he belonged to the British army. Like many other destinations in the vicinity of Dehradun, it was founded as a gateway for the British officers. Mussoorie served as the unofficial headquarters of the Tibetan refugees in 1959.

The jharipani falls, the Mall Road, the Bhatta Falls, the kanatal and the ropeway ride on the top of gun Hills are a few attractions that you should never miss in Mussoorie. Mussoorie also has the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration which trains the top notch personal of the Indian Administrative Services and the Indian police services.


Situated at about 294 km from Delhi, Nainital is a beautiful hill station that is situated in the state of Uttarakhand. It is the district headquarters and is located on the Kumaon foothills of Himalayas. Nainital is literally the land of seven lakes. This place is blessed with a lot of tourist attractions and experiences. The famous Nainital lake is a place where you can enjoy your voting right. The naina peak and the Bhimtal are a few other places that you can visit in Nainital. It is situated at an altitude of about 1938 metres and is a great place for you to relax and take a break from the stress of Delhi.

Distance from Delhi: Nainital is 294 km away from Delhi.

Best season to visit:

  • Nainital in SummersMarch till June. The peak season in Nainital generally pleasant for a day sightseeing. This is also the best time to enjoy boat ride as the weather is favourable.
  • Nainital in monsoonsJuly till September. The monsoon season starts in last June till September. …
  • Nainital in wintersOctober till February.

Prime Attractions: Naini Lake, Nainital Zoo, Aerial Ropeway Nainital, Naina Devi peak Temple, The Mall Road, Nainital, Tiffin Top

Activities: Boating, Horse riding, Skating and Rock climbing.

Nainital seven lakes

It is interesting to note that Nainital was founded in the year 1841 by one of the European Businessman Percy Brown and it later became a summer Getaway for the Britishers who could not take the summer heat of temperate India. They spend the time in The Hills to escape that scorching weather and in that Endeavour, build a lot of schools and colleges. In all of this, Nainital has not lost its identity of nomenclature as it has been named after the Naina Devi temple which is considered to be a form of Goddess Parvati. Nainital attracts a lot of tourists not only from India but from all parts of the world.

The attractions like the high altitude zoo, the Naina Devi peak, the Naina Devi temple and a few others are bound to leave the visitors spellbound. There are a lot of activities including boating, horse riding, skating and rock climbing.

The Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational Sciences is situated in Nainital and is an important centre in India for studies on astronomy and space.


The list of places to visit near Delhi cannot be complete without the mention of Dehradun even outside the context of hill stations. Situated at about 231 km from Delhi, this is the Capital of Uttarakhand and is also a district capital.

The town of Dehradun is situated in the Doon Valley in the foot of Himalayas. The Town is so blessed that it is situated between the two holiest rivers of India, the Ganga and Yamuna. Dehradun has a very long history that goes to the time of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is believed that according to the Legend, after the battle with Ravana, Lord Rama and Lakshmana visited Dehradun. In Mahabharat, the ultimate Guru Dronacharya was believed to have been born and brought up in Dehradun.

Distance from Delhi: 245 km from Delhi.

Best season to visit: March to June  is the Peak season. This is the time when most people flock to Dehradun since the weather is pleasant and clear and is best to enjoy the sights and indulge in adventure activities. The maximum temperature during this time is 35 degrees Celsius and the minimum is 17 degrees Celsius.

Prime Attractions: A few attractions that you can enjoy in Dehradun are the tapkeshwar temple, the santala devi temple, the Rajaji National Park, that Tapovan, malsi Deer park and a few others. Some of the world’s best basmati rice is cultivated in Dehradun.


There are a lot of ancient temples that can be found in the vicinity of Dehradun which are more than 2000 years old. Outside all this scope of history, Dehradun has quite a picture SK landscape and very pleasant weather. Dehradun was the place in which the famous writer Rudyard Kipling left.

Festivals in Dehradun: There are a lot of festivals that happen in Dehradun that attract people from all over the world. The xander fair, that tapkeshwar affair, the Laxman Siddh fair, the bus fare the Shahid Veer Kesari Chandra fair a few celebrations that drench the city in a very festive mood.

Some of the best schools of the country Like The Doon School and they Welham school are located at Dehradun. The Crowning Glory for Dehradun in the field of education is perhaps the Forest Research Institute and the Indian Military Academy. Outside all of this education, celebration and temples, Dehradun is also an important epicenter of adventure activities. You can enjoy a lot of activities like paragliding, water sports and a lot more.

Even if the city has everything it takes to become the national capital, the manufacturing capital, the administrative capital, the political capital the information technology capital and start up capital of a country, it also needs places to relax and unwind because the stress of life can take a toll on the productivity of the people. In that respect, Delhi is quite gifted to have amazing hill stations in its vicinity at less than 300 km. These are the places that one should never miss visiting when they are so close from Delhi.

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